It’s that time of the year where men, especially single, get all excited about the new 2013 super model calendars. Well, I’ve checked out the spreads and can save you a little browsing. Pierelli, as per usual is filled with misogynist images of women looking sick, dangerous, scared or trashy. Most of the models are skinny or pale. Victoria Secret is still the laughing stalk of .Eu because most of the women are a size B which for lingerie, makes no sense at all.. they try to make the women curvier with elaborate costumes, but a true fashionista finds this a very sad strategy.

Playboy is a classic and hard to beat. There is a reason why even the most self preserving celebrities have rarely turned down a shoot over the decades.  Some may not know this, but Hugh Hefner although looks like a total pimp daddy in his silky robe and silver shark mansion- really loves and respects women. If you look at Playboy from its birth until now, you will see that in general, women look like they are having fun and that is because they are. They have spent the day in elaborate jacuzzis, sipping champagne with other bunnies, so by the time they shoot their spreads, that smile is legit. This has been a key in the longevity of the Playboy sales. Capture women,who are not posing, they are living.

With all this Hugh high-fiving, you’d think I had picked Playboy this year but no, actually… drum roll please. Sports Illustrated 2013 swimsuit issue gets my vote for best sexy calendar of 2013. This year, the girls are really hot. In the previous years, they were a little too athletic. Sports illustrator’s editor has clearly realized that just cause guys like Sports, doesn’t mean they want a hard six pack on their calendars. Kate Upton does a great job doing the surfer girl next door or the exotic bikini vixen.