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TGIF (but you are hungover) Smoothie! | 514 special

TGIF (but you are hungover) Smoothie! | 514 special

TGIF (but you are hungover) Smoothie! | 514 special 1

If you live in Montreal, are not sober and work 5 days a week then you are most likely a social drinker or high functioning alcoholic. Either of these categories will need a good cure for the mild hangover that one will occasionally have from simply having many Thursday night 5@7 options available! Whether the boss forces you to join him in tequila shots after a long week or you damage your liver without anyone’s help – you will thank me for this awesomely easy remedy. First of all, if you are hung over today, it wont work because you need to have these ingredients on hand so pick them up this week to prepare for NEXT Friday ;)

Fun fact: In Ireland, they used to bury anyone hungover in cold moist river sand up to the neck and occasionally they still do!

  1. 1 frozen banana (just keep 1 in the freezer unpeeled at all times) – bromelain, potassium, vitamin D fight inflammation and pain.
  2. 1 cup of cranberry juice – immediately cleanse your filter organs and recommended vitamin C daily dose
  3. half cup of cold water or 6 ice cubes – re-hydrate
  4. 1/2 tsp salt – retains the water from the smoothie

The only unpleasant part about this smoothie is that the noise will be particularly jarring on the hung-over. So you want to blend this quickly on high speed! All you need to do is really dump everything in a blender and power away! If you did it right, within 20 minutes you should actually feel 50% better, by the time you shower 75% better and when you get to work 85% better. You will still be sleepy and not super efficient but you will feel as good as you possibly can!


Advils and aspirins are the worst idea and should only be used if ONCE you get to work you are still very hung over. Your liver is already upset and your digestive tracks are raw. Do not further punish your system, rather give the body what it needs and the headache will dissipate once you get to work 9 times out of 10 – I promise.


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