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Terence Fixmer fixing Thursday

Terence Fixmer fixing Thursday

Terence FixmerIgloofest might be a strange place to picture rivetheads, what with all the leather jackets and Skinny Puppy shirts, but with French techno legend Terence Fixmer on the scene, we predict they’ll be out in full force. Fixmer will be bringing his grim and gritty vibes to the dance floor tomorrow night, January 19, and Igloofest doesn’t get any colder than this.

Genre fusion has always been a feature of Igloofest, and Fixmer blends them with the best. His work combines the minimalist urgency of classic Derrick May with brooding EBM from Berlin’s gothiest nightclub, both pulled raw and bleeding out of 1989 and stitched together in an underground lab.

Fixmer has a surplus of goth cred, featuring numerous collaborations with Nitzer Ebb‘s Douglas McCarthy. His most recent full-length, 2010’s Comedy of Menace, is his most EMB-tinged album to date, and his 2011 EP Le Terrible portends an even further descent into darkness.

Though he’s been purveying his grimy sound for over ten years, Fixmer is part of a recent (and long overdue) EBM resurgence which also includes fellow Igloofest guest Green Velvet, and which itself is part of the larger modern wave of aggressive electronic music — including dubstep — which rages more than it raves.

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Here’s an example of Fixmer’s vibe, all rusted-out cyberpunk imagery and claustrophobic, pulsing beats. Strap up your combat boots and prepare for a full-scale four-on-the-floor.

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