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Taking Climate Action w/ WildX

Taking Climate Action w/ WildX

Taking Climate Action w/ WildX 1

Wild Ideas with WildX for Climate Action

On the heels of Greta Thunberg’s historic visit, a new TEDX type conference is being launched in Montreal to spur Climate Action. WildX will feature talks about positive human transformation.

WildX – Wild Ideas for Wild Times is a one-day event on Saturday, Oct 5th at DB Clarke Theatre at Concordia University and is open to the public.

Although the conference covers broad topics including sexuality and psychedelics, one focus is practical Climate Action for regular people.

There is a need for a conference about practical things people can do,” said co-organizer, filmmaker and journalist Albert Nerenberg. “Reforestation and meadowing because they are practical actions. Reforestation because trees slow global warming and meadowing which supports habitat for pollinators. People are ready to convert their lawns into something greener.”

All WildX Attendees receive Wildflower seeds Free

All attendees at WildX will receive a package of native wildflower seeds to plant right after the conference.

This is a very good time to plant wildflowers. Plant in fall and they will come up this spring, ” said WildX Speaker Sarah Knight.

Trees are a natural carbon capture option. Greta Thunberg has recently come out saying natural climate tactics such as reforestation have been ignored. WildX is calling for a National Forestation Plan for Canada.

We’re doubling down on trees as the best thing people can do right now about Climate Change,” said Nerenberg. A recent Swiss study at The Crowther Lab in Zurich concluded that trees could be an effective break on global warming and that Canada is one of the top countries in the world with available land for reforestation.

Nerenberg, who hosts this event, says he became a convert to climate action after shooting the Climate Change documentary Who Farted? for the CBC documentary Channel.

The film started as an exploration of the origins of humour,” said Nerenberg. “But we discovered during filming that the joke was on us. We’re in the process of farting ourselves out of existence. Which is probably not a great way to go.”

WildX also will feature famous performance artists Matthew Silver and Canada’s pre-eminent Sound Healer, Darren Austin Hall, author Patricia Pearson and Extinction Rebellion’s Francois Leger Boyer among others.

The event also features an After Party with Sound Bath featuring Darren Austin Hall.

Read more on the how Greta the Great is making a change.

WildX – Wild Idea for Wild Times 


$40 and $20 for Seniors and Students at the door $50 and $25.


Tel: 416-821-1999

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