Sweet dreams are some of the best feelings to wake up to. We carry their influence and impact on us daily, often not even realizing it. They pop-up are the most candid times in our days and bring smiles, good feelings and sometimes introspection. Enter this, a perfectly sweet WEIMAR NIGHTMARE from the incomparable Mikki Michelle.

Cabaret Abnormal’s A WEIMAR NIGHTMARE at The Wiggle Room


Viva Diverse, Cabaret Abnormal, and the founder, Mikki Michelle, delivered yet another stellar show of abnormally outstanding burlesque, comedy, and naughty fun at the Wiggle Room this month.

For their 4th edition of Cabaret Abnormal, Mikki Michelle pulled out all the stops and rounded out an incredible evening with top-notch performers who just raise the bar everytime I get treated to witness their presence on stage. Here are some of the highlights from the sweetest nightmare I’ve ever seen, in a Weimar fashion.

Mikki Michelle – The Great Weimar Bombshell

Weimar Nightmare

Photo by Maxime Tremblay

They say time and practice makes the performer. We know this to be true, but in Mikki Michelle’s case – you quickly forget that she has only been going at the Burlesque game for a short time. Producer, performer, multi-faceted talent… the list of things that make Mikki Michelle a fully bonafide force in the MTL entertainment community keeps growing at a rapid pace.

For Cabaret Abnormal’s A Weimar Nightmare, Mikki Michelle came out swinging with a fabulous performance adorned in jewels. Shining as bright as her beautiful soul – Mikki Michelle showed everyone exactly what Cabaret Abnormal is made of. Something unique, albeit a little weird, and unlike any other Burlesque events you’ve seen.

Show Mikki Michelle some love on her social accounts, follow Cabaret Abnormal to stay in the know – and catch her wicked style at her next show, Down Under Burlesque on September 8th!

Honey Lustre – The Sweetest Honey Pot Around

WeimarOh hooooooney! Miss Honey Lustre is taking over! I remember catching her beginnings at Voix de Ville earlier in the year, and since then Honey Lustre has been working the Burlesque stage all over Montreal with no slowing down. A trained dancer for years, Honey Lustre brings something special to the stage each and every time. One word that comes to mind when I think of Honey Lustre – CHOREOGRAPHY! The timing and expertise this lady shows in performance is on another level.

Okay, another word that comes to mind is GORGEOUS. With her honey coloured blonde hair and luscious lips – this lady has that straight out of a vintage magazine pin-up thing going on.  Honey Lustre will keep you on the edge of your seat with her creativity and choreography – you never know what’s coming next… right down to some surprise audience interaction. Thanks for the kiss, my sweetest Honey Lustre!

Honey Lustre is producing her first show this weekend at The Wiggle Room, and you don’t want to miss it! Honey Pot Burlesque is on August 25th.

Jessica Rae – Nina Hagen Personified

Crazy. Sexy. Punk. Weird.

Jessica Rae has been a top highlight for me whenever I see her – often with her messy-as-ever partner, Messy Bitch Lydia. This marked the first time I got to see Jessica Rae turn out a burlesque number – and the energy on her Punk/EDM performance personified Nina Hagen in an inhuman way. I was captivated. I couldn’t look away, and I only wanted MORE from Jessica Rae.

If you do not know about Jessica Rae, wake the F**K UP! You can catch Jessica Rae next at Voix de Ville on September 27th!

Aria Delanoche – The Lady of the Night

The lady of the night, herself, Miss Aria Delanoche. Bringing the night to a head, this Weimar number was complete with sass, attitude, and the sexiest can-can dance you’ve ever seen!

From start-to-finish, Aria had the crowd screaming out applause while she twirled around the Wiggle Room stage. She will make you crave the night like no other and give no fucks about it.

Catch Aria Delanoche next at her event, Charlestown 5e September 1st!

Tristan Ginger – The Original Burning Bush

I don’t need to say much about Tristan Ginger . You know this talented performer well. He’s been voted as one of CULT MTL’s hottest men in the reader polls. He’s one of our cities top models. He’s the supreme Boylesque star and a total inspiration for boys like me. Hosting the night, Tristan Ginger was nothing less than spectacular and hilarious with his accent and sultry comedic flavour, made to sound so sweet on top of the soft, sensual piano accompanying his monologues.

You can catch Tristan Ginger, well, just about everywhere! Follow Tristan Ginger on Instagram for upcoming shows and events! One that I am most excited to see is Burlesque vs Boylesque on September 22nd at The Wiggle Room!

A big shout out to ALL THE PERFORMERS who made this show extra special. Each and every one of you did an amazing job, and to Mikki Michelle, damn lady – you blow me away with every step in this fabulous community of entertainers.

Go check out the Wiggle Room events and support your local Burlesque performers!

Featured Photo by Frank Lam Photography