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Sweet bar extraordinaire | Dolce 2015

Sweet bar extraordinaire | Dolce 2015

Sweet bar extraordinaire | Dolce 2015 1

With the cold of winter refusing to leave our doorsteps here in Montreal, it is almost impossible to force yourself off the couch and out of, what I like to call, Montreal’s “hibernation mode”. We forget all about the routine Thursday 5@7, and Friday nights becomes movie night for what seems like an Eternity. Lucky for us, Montreal caters to some mid season events that give hope to our social lives during these long, frigid, excruciating months and help us forget about the winter blues.

One of those awesome events that I speak of is very soon upon us. What better way to forget all about this depressing weather than with a great evening honoring a good cause? Next Saturday, February 21st, join BandMark as we take you to the 4th edition of the ever so popular Dolce Montreal. Held this year at the beautiful Loft Hotel, this will be a fun night filled with nothing but positivity and celebratory warmth.

Dolce Montreal is an event organized by a group of young professionals called the Young leader circle, representing the Montreal Children’s Hospital Foundation. Going on its’ 4th consecutive year, this shining group of young philanthropists share one common goal and that is the interest in making a difference for our community. With the majority of hospitals as underfunded as they are, the objective of Dolce Montreal is to raise money for the Montreal children’s Hospital in various areas including specialized equipment, research development and more specifically, to benefit the Craniofacial program and the young patients who suffer from Craniofacial disorders.

With 400 + professionals averagely in attendance, expect a night of savory delicacies, a DJ bumping your favorite dance tunes, a silent auction, and of course our favorite part, open bar for all. With a sweets bar as the annual theme for the night, expect an array of candies, pastries, and sweets of all kinds. With sponsors such as Sucre Bleu, Whipped Dreams, Délices Lafrenaie and so many more, you can expect a pretty snazzy selection to fulfill your candy loving hearts desires.

You can check out all information via their site @ including pictures from last years edition. Tickets are still available at 125$ but will go up to 140$ at the door while they last. And hey, if you aren’t interested in the party or simply can’t make it, there is always the option to donate. Every little bit makes a difference, including you. There is no greater feeling than knowing that with your help you are giving these children a chance at having exactly what you have and to be blessed with a healthy future.

See you all there; and if not, check back here post event for a recap of the soirée and more details about Dolce Montreal, the Young Leaders Circle and their vision.

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