When you try to eat well and subject yourself to but 1 true carte blanche meal per week AKA a cheat meal, you tend to become a foodie. Quality becomes ultra important when your high calorie dining experiences are few. It seems as of late, that every week BandMark has been on quite a few guestlists, a lot of them food focused.  This week’s foodie report goes to SUWU who has revamped their menu into having high-end classics while maintaining their rich comfort bar-food staples. We tried their new dinner menu and it was amazing. The entrees of deer and salmon tartare on avocado mouse were fresh and buttery. To accompany these welcome noms, was an endless supply (that we actually didn’t abuse!) of a delightful mohito cocktail of: PIMMS, cucumber, gin, mint and ginger. The drink was both delicious and gorgeous to say the least.

SUWU is getting swank. When we saw the list of main dishes we realized 2 things: we can actually have a fancy dinner here and stick around after for drinks in a casual setting. I got the spanish mackerel, with dill emulsion and quinoa croquettes while my business partner got brine soaked pork and a side of onion confit, carrots and beans. Both were very nice but when we saw the hanger steak with blue cheese compound butter, in a GUINESS echalotte sauce, we nearly cried! We were trying to be “healthy” and also order something we would not typically get but I can guarantee you everyone who was eating this dish was not even able to talk while eating. They were drooling in a rich and relaxing K hole as in Stea-K!

Another cool thing about SUWU, is that it is reviving a very stale and tacky part of St-Laurent blvd. We were getting worried that all the cool kids would have to stay on the 55 until the Mile-End!