Let’s begin with the decor and drinks! The decor was well thought out. Not only from the obvious surfer beach colours but down to the ceiling fan and ferns as palm trees. From the corner of your eyes, the ferns look like beach palms breezing about in the fan air. Communal benches, but separate tables gives the eater a sense of friendly freedom. I would feel comfortable for instance asking a neighbor for a napkin from their napkin dish in this situation but possibly not much more than that. The service was ridiculously fast and this is especially good to handle their long lunch lines – this place is poppin’!

Beet drink

I had a Beet Vodka and my food photographer Billy had the Venice. The beet vodka was interesting because I expect beets and ginger to be good for my liver haha… perhaps it still was. The green intriguing Venice drink was a little odd. Comprised primarily of Gin Matcha and Chartreuse, the subtle taste of the Gin was over powered by the massiveness of Matcha flavor. We enjoyed its uniqueness but feel the ratios need to be played with. We felt it was too chalky for a mixology win but there is potential there for sure!


The famous raw Tuna Poke bowl! I had not yet tasted the trendy poke bowls yet and actually thought they may look like Pokemons or something.. I was pleased to find out they are like a bowl of unraveled sushi and sashimi salads. This was our first poke bowl so we had no comparison but know that as a first impression to these bowls, we are now insta poke bowl addicts! The spicy mayo and mango brought out the delicate saltiness of the tuna. The caviar and black sesame seeds gave the experience a fun crunch and the edamame beans just looked cool adding pops of green every now and again. We shared the bowl and will never make this mistake again. This bowl is for 1 and perfect for 1. At first you may think $18 for a bow of rice? Think again, most resto lunches end up being about $20 anyways and all you need is the poke bowl. It will fill you up as many around us ordered just that for lunch.


The crispy shrimp tacos were great. They were easier to eat than a lot of little tacos from around town. Often real tortillas break or sauce and ingredients jump out but this seemed to be the right quantity and quality of produce. The pickled pink beets were excellent and contrasted the creamy sour and brought out the lime kick. When I return, which will probably be for lunch soon, it will be for a poke bowl. I must try each flavor! Like Pokemons, I feel I have to catchem all!