Get ready for EASY. Nutella is oily and sticky enough for you to be able to make cookies without eggs or butter! They make very chewy brownie like cookies which are great with nuts added (I suggest pecan or Walnut)

  1. 1 cup nutella
  2. 1 cup of any kind of flour
  3. 1/3 cup whatever else you want (nuts, chips, berries, peanut butter…)

Directions: Add flour first and your dry add-in and blend that. Then make a fist and punch the flour to create a small indent where you will then add the cup of nutella. Take a fork or any blending device and turn into a peanut butter stickiness level paste. Take a spoon or your hands and scoop out 6 big cookies or 12 small. That’s it that’s all folks!

Bake 12 minutes for small 14 for large and depending on how hot your oven is..