Deep in a dark warehouse in Montreal’s Old Port, the Ancient Future Festival harbors the stylish creatures of the night as they dance to a haunting tech-house beat.

While a luminescent butterfly, in space tights, elegantly maneuvers her lit up wings, the crowd of face painted beings stare, mesmerized. Victor Ruiz‘s sounds invading each and every soul.

Another edition of Montreal Ancient Future Festival ends in a roar of applause. Consequently, all the high waisted jeans, the loose striped pants, the mesh tops and crop tops and the jean jackets are going home…to probably party some more.

Earlier that day, the sun was beaming on my skin, my boots skidding in the mud, and I was dancing to this awesome disco-tech beat looking around at all these beautiful people around me. I then had a thought…

Have you ever noticed how fashionable people are always enticed by the techno scene? Or is it the techno scene that brings out the stylish creatures within?

Dancing is all about self-expression, as a result, what you wear is harmonious to how you dance, look and feel. Therefore you get to be exactly who you want to be at that exact moment.

Amongst my favorite at the quay on that Saturday, the ever charming break dancer Moo.gli, with an effortless denim look right out of the 90s.

An adorable pair of circus performers matched up with sparkly corsets and striped blazers, and a couple feet higher off the ground.

Three dashing ladies on stilts with lace umbrellas.

Do yourself a favor my dear reader: next time you go dancing, add some sequins, wear lace and leather, dare to be different and dare to not give a hoot about what people think.

A big THANK YOU to Ancient Future Festival for the great time and the feature image.

AMEN to Victor Ruiz and all the other djs for the great music (my legs are burning from all the dancing)

KISSES to my lovely photographer Dez Loredo from Quartz Photography find his Instagram here.

FINALLY, to all the lovely festival goers who dared to dress and who came to have a great time, I LOVE YOU!