Galaxie Band closes M For Montreal, showcasing some of our finest local luminaries. Presented by dramatically-named label Blue Skies Turn Black, the grand finale will feature Marie-Pierre Arthur, The Barr Brothers, Random Recipe, Karkwa, Ariane Moffatt — and Francophone electro-rock act Galaxie.

Founded and fronted by French-transplanted Montreal resident Olivier Langevin more than ten years ago, Galaxie was known as Galaxie 500 until the name turned out to be trademarked by an established and well-regarded American alt-rock band (what are the odds?). In the decade-plus since Galaxie‘s formation, Langevin and company have assembled three critically lauded full-length releases and collected a number of prestigious awards. This year alone has garnered the group four 2011 GAMIQ awards, a 2011 ECHO Songwriting Prize, and a shortlist for a Polaris Music Prize for their latest album, Tigre et diesel.

Galaxie Band is yet another act to infuse electro elements into their rock sound, but the rock comes a little rougher than the milquetoast mewlings of the usual indie fare. Galaxie fuses glammed-out ’80s electronics with stripped-down garage-band blues-rock and laces it all with female vocals, to a powerhouse effect not too incredibly distant from another Canadian group, Black Mountain. They really kicked out the jams.

In contrast to a number of other local groups who seem to be ignorant of any music older than about 2005, Langevin claims inspiration from Jimi Hendrix and Led Zeppelin, T. Rex and Bo Diddley, and you can hear it in the groove and swagger of Tigre et diesel.

Recent live shows have incorporated their newer electro influence into tracks from their prior albums as well. In short, Galaxie Band are not screwing around about getting a dancefloor hopping. Prepare to go supernova this Saturday!

Imagine, it’s nearly a decade later and the sci-fi future that we read about in books is here, we have electric everything!