Last week my business partner and I embarked in a discussion about euthanasia, life after death and the greener burial options offered compared to traditional burial methods. Let’s face it embalming bodies often uses harsh chemicals, while caskets are often made from non-sustainable materials endangering our forests. A morbid discussion, but in case neither one of us gets around to a proper legal will, well – at least this blog can be used as plan B!

We certainly don’t mean to suggest that we disprove anyone a traditional grieving process but cremation happens to be a more eco-friendly choice. With all the scientifically creative bio friendly and affordable options (bio urns range from $300-500 compared to thousands of $ in grave stones and caskets). For example biodegradable scattering urns made from unbleached pressed cotton are now available… if only they were organic! The fav in office so far is the Bios Urn – a conceptual design by Martín Ruiz de Azúa — it’s an urn for cremated remains made of compacted coconut shells mixed with a layer of organic fertilizer. Inside the mixture is a seed that will germinate upon burial of the urn and grow into a tree. Read more about the award winning Spirit Tree @

Lately I took it upon myself to evaluate my ancestor’s memorial grounds to see if an actual tree can fit and grow there. Both in Montreal and Paris – it’s do-able. As for the actual ceremony, I think a very satisfying way to say goodbye for my mourners would be a gathering around my bio urn, drinking fine wine, with the sunset on the horizon. Bless my soul mother nature!

Here is my urn planting track, which I intend on being many long years away 😉

Here is my business partner’s Plan B arrangements below.

Lisa: I want my bio urn to have cool rocks around it that people gave to my earth. I want people to wear their most comfortable and fashionable outfit, not a boring black get-up. Most importantly, I want people to be enjoying a Grand Reserva wine from France and remember that love, laughter and music should def be part of the gathering as it was high on my Carpe Diem priorities. If we never sold our house in Westmount, the backyard could work, or Mount Royal at our family plot or sneak me into Jim Morrison’s earthy shrine!

Here is my urn planting album, which I intend on being  many long years away 😉