SPLATRPULT, is a very addicting Steviespin Digital Media Inc. mobile game for ipad, iphone and ipod touch. The user shoots off a variety of disgruntled paint balls off a catapult as they protest in the air before their colorful crash into fun classic shapes like pacman ghosts, headphones & clouds. The goal is a simple one but things get tricky for the player. As you go from level to level re-coloring the world of Splatopia, you are required to quickly mix colors and avoid the evil bleach bombs which undo your progress. Strategy vs timer gives the user 2 different experiences and in case you are having trouble with your inventory, special splats like laser and MEGA will help you advance. Once you are out of splats, you can pimp up your inventory with more splatty ammo at the store. Steve Lunny, the game developer is a funny and creative character as can be seen quickly in the game. Many holiday worlds with lush 3d graphics will keep you going for hours and it’s easy for anyone to fall in love with these pitifully cute paint balls whether you are a 6 year old kid or a busy CEO. 

Favorite features:
  1. Laser guided glasses that you add to the splatties to give them perfect precision!
  2. The beautiful 3d graphics which looks great on any ios device (iPhone, iPad, Ipod touch)
  3. Who doesn’t like the variety of silly little voices that accompany the splatties
Sound fun? Friend the page & Download it today while its still free!