I have been getting into mixology big time, especially with quality spirits. As someone who is not a heavy drinker, spending $17 on aged bourbon with exotic bitters is A-OK for me. I decided to try the SPIRIT HOUSE with one of our new foodie bloggers: Michael Banks. He texted me his quotes on various napkins from his hangouts, because he is both eccentric and impulsive. He never knows where he will be next, but he always stays in touch!

THE SPIRIT HOUSE has a decadent list of basics and baller liquors as high as the arched windows of this beautiful sand stone building go… They are both a trendy hipster bistro where one can get a 3$ taco and 7$ long drink during [email protected] M-F AND they are an haute spirits destination for the quality demanding. Michael had a variety of NEGRONI inspired drinks and NEGRONIS-Both because he only drinks NEGRONIS and the place is very equipped with Gins Vermouths and  Amaros. Amaro is Italian for bitters. Bitters for the non-drinkers, is a digestive liquor infused with marinated herbs.

We tried a few of their shareable sliders and desserts. I always wait a few days to blog about what was memorable, rather than try to predict. As it has been over a week, I can say with genuine fervor that the fried chicken and churro jenga! were the most memorable for both my foodie partner in crime and I. And onto the napkin quotes…

Lisa “The fried chicken tastes like General Tao went to the Deep south, gave his recipe to a gramma there and brought it back to the Spirit House!” 

Michael  (while entering) “The Ambiance is enticing, the spirits enlightening… I am INTRIGUED”

Lisa “The Churro with bourbon caramel calories are worth the fact that I will wake up fatter tomorrow. #WORTHIT”

Micheal “I see cool locals. Thank god. OMG Magret de canard in my mini poutine, everyone we know needs to try a bite NOW.”

Lisa “I love this type of MIXED crowd. It’s like an Airport lounge only everyone isn’t anxious, they are ecstatically relaxed.”

Go for the sexy spherical ice cubes – STAY for the warm staff including Chris, possibly the friendliest manager ever!