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Because sometimes wine snobs are broke Best SAQ Cheap Wines under $12.99!

Because sometimes wine snobs are broke Best SAQ Cheap Wines under $12.99!

Whether you find yourself broke, cheap or just looking for a good small price wine discovery- my top 3 will not disappoint. I have been going to wine tastings for a few years now and as a free-lancer and start-up owner, I am not always ready to fork out over 20 bucks a pop for my vino. When you are a moderate drinker, quality is king because you only get that 1 mayyybe 1.5 glasses per night / a few nights a week. In the last year, I have taken into account some solid classics and new vintages and have come to rely on 3 go to cheap wines under $14 for the Summer months!

Cheap Wines

Bonpas Grande Réserve des Challières $11.95

This wine is so good, it is worth buying the case and keeping on hand for dinner guests. It is a Grenache/Syrah so it is both full bodied but smooth and goes down really easily. It has a very light sweet sipping texture and then a surprisingly spicy jammy aftermath. The bottle is a totes embossed glassy awesome too, one can soak and de-label it for a nice artisanal water jug or vase. Eww did I just use the word artisanal?!

Cheap Wines

Les Jamelles Sauvignon Blanc $12.55

I find finding cheap white discoveries trickier… I do not like oaky Chardonnay’s nor anything too sweet or dry with whites -so I really do not have endless options. I love Chablis, but they do not come cheap. I also like Sauvignon Blanc but they can be too tangy if they are not pricey enough also.. so what is my fave white go-to wine? This charming little brand Les Jamelles in Sauvignon Blanc. It is sweet but not too sweet, slightly bubbly andvery light and Summery. Think no further for your back yard afternoon BBQs!

Cheap Wines

Jacob’s Creek Moscato Rosé 2016 $12.65

O.k everyone likes a little rose in the Summer. Sadly Roses mostly suck… They are generally made of lesser quality grapes and marketed to appeal to those who want to simply drink something pink (typically women and gay men). There is only one decent rose for under $14 and I don’t really enjoy it that much, I just hate it less than the others. WARNING it’s quite sweet BUT no nasty sulfite headache the day after. Jacob has pretty must blown the competition out the water, sorry GALLO, for a TOONEY more, this is twice as good because it is a Moscato and will enchant you with the mysterious floral Muscat grape magic.


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