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Soirée Mode Collège LaSalle | 4 different realities

Soirée Mode Collège LaSalle | 4 different realities

I’m heading back to Collège LaSalle. And it’s not for a hotel management DEC reunion party! Here’s my excuse: the 1st edition of Soirée mode Collège LaSalle. The 2nd year Fashion Marketing students will be presenting varying themes intended to contradict, clash with one another and entice your curiosity. They’ve assembled a dynamic, interactive fashion setting, removing your typical catwalk and replacing it with a multi level podium. Prepare yourself to think outside the box in 4 different realities, 2 shows, 1 integrated event.

The 4 themes are based on their creative interpretation of performance. The descriptions of each show to be presented are as follows:

#HYSTERIA will showcase the unnoticed reality in which many of us reside. It is a representation that will make you realize the restraints that we face in our everyday lives.

#BRKLYNSBADDST will take you through the concrete jungle to a place where the baddest of the bad reside. A catered Brooklyn experience immersing you into the heights of 90’s street wear and grunge fashion. This is where crews collide for the night for a throwback party you are sure to never forget.

#DUPLICATA brings you into a world where technology reigns over the human race, where is it impossible to break free from it’s hold. Everyone identical, we are clones controlled by technology’s evolution.

#PLUR  Peace, Love, Unity and Respect are our ingredients for the night. Re-plunge into the universe of the year 2000. From the invention of the Internet to the peak of trance music, get inspired to bring out your sequin vests and wear out your abandoned platform shoes from the era of the Spice Girls! PLUR borrows its ideas from the eccentric movement of “Seapunk”, with a twist of unicorns, rainbows and fluorescent colors.

The fashion presentation course is offered during the 3rd semester of the Fashion Marketing program providing students with a real life opportunity to utilize the theory learnt in class. LaSalle College prides itself on giving its students hands on experience within the industry, with this event allowing them the opportunity to increase their understanding by actualizing their ideas into a living breathing event.

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When? 6:00PM & 8PM on November 13th. When? Jean-Paul-Morin hall at LaSalle College, 2000, Sainte-Catherine Street West, Montreal.

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