At BandMark, we don’t forget the first client relationships we’ve had. It is in fact why we are here today with a popular blog and music marketing boutique. Elsiane was actually our very first client. At the time, we were running a MySpace related website called MyRockinProfile aka MRP where musicians could put a vote star on their profile and get their fans to help them enter our top 10 contest of the month. We had well known musicians in our top categories who were unknown at that time. One Republic was a band that got instant digital fame from this type of exposure and in part, it was music fans of MRP that pushed it’s fame clock a little earlier.

It was at that time a nice local producer approached me, David Kakon. He was wrapping up Elsiane’s first album and said “Our entertainment lawyer mentioned you knew a lot about music and web”. Simply put, I guess we did. We had not consulted musicians or labels or anyone directly in the music industry at that point in time but I was up for the challenge. That year 2007, we worked with Vega and Universal Music with the release of her first album. It was a great project because the cover art by MTAF was incredible and the album itself was an electronica and a classical masterpiece. We generated a fair amount of iTunes traction until that work turned into more labels, other musicians, referrals from our network etc. and soon BandMark was a go to place for musicians who needed anything under the sun… well Internet based 😉

The following year we met with Amanda Mabro, through a friend. We were captivated by her very large woman vocals in a tiny body. Her big band swing in a little black dress. This was a true showgirl trapped in the Burlesque era, for a modern world. She wanted more international fans and when Germans started leaving her friendly web comments, she was pleased.  Well it’s now 4 years later and many things have changed. For our musicians and us. The music marketplace is tougher, Facebook has created a wonderful fan playground and then decided to be douchey and charge for status updates on pages. Our musicians have become famous, gone back to bartending, joined other bands or gone solo. We have changed too. What was once a small 1 stop shop for everything social media or web marketing for bands has become a local pop culture blog, and a very niche boutique for musicians. We now just take a handful of musicians yearly and work on their web branding and their new media marketing strategies. We work closely with about 4 musicians yearly as well as provide targeted music fans through our own blog and social media vehicles. It was a great surprise to find this video on YouTube – a music video with 2 of our favorite music artist clients. 2 amazingly independent and talented local women whose voices are very different but go so well together. If trip hop was around in the 20’s, it may have sounded something like Smoke. Have a listen to a live video performance starring the beautiful and talented Amanda Mabro, Elsiane and contortionist Andreane Leclerc. Produced by Bernard Duguay and Tarek Gharzouzi.

Elsiane latest EP: Mechanics of Emotion
Her Facebook

Amanda Mabro latest EP: Die to the Past
Her Facebook