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Narrow Plains is Emerging Fast

Narrow Plains is Emerging Fast

I was introduced to Narrow Plains through their self-produced video “Somewhere In Between,” which also happens to be the title track of their first EP. According to their bio, this album was written and recorded “after spending a week in a deserted house furiously writing and recording.” The passion and fury that spawns this type of intense creation is evident in both the lyrics and sound of the entire album.

The video begins with a shot of Charlie Ferriday (guitar, vocals), sitting on a box in front of what looks to be a garage, while the other two members of the band, brothers Roger Connick (bass guitar, backing vocals) and Stuart Connick (drums, backing vocals), move objects propped up against the background.  They transform the garage into a split screen that projects all three band members in performance while their foreground counterparts contemplatively stand witness, and add to it. The effect, both musically and visually, is to present the passage of time through layers of their own selves in performance in different moments of time, sitting on an intensely personal stage within the space of their video.

Somewhere In Between offers listeners five solid, musically rich tracks. The band has also produced two equally powerful singles, “So Rewind” and “Keep You Anyway.” Their tracks bring me back to innumerable moments of quiet contemplation in which an awareness of the passage of time and its ephemerality break through into a purely energetic awareness of life. And isn’t this ultimately what all music and the creative process itself is all about? Their lyrics are raw, honest and somehow comforting. Musically, Narrow Plains produces tracks that are melodic and catchy, infused with a sound that is self-described as “alternative, acoustic, folk and rock.”

Narrow Plains succeeds in capturing the poeticism, energy and ephemerality of life by harnessing the power of music, at once encouraging the listener to slow down and, in so doing, inspiring an innate desire to live, move and dance…

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