From the RAMONES to the runway, the SKINNY jean has been with us since denim was born. It was first introduced in the music scene by punk rockers in England. In fact these Brit rockers didn’t think the slim fit black Levis were enough, so they safety pinned them even tighter creating the 1st skinny jean trend. Fashion soon picked up with Twiggy, Warhol’s Edie and any number is waiffy models like Kate Moss wearing very tight fitting leggings and jeans in the later 80’s and 90’s.  The grunge and baggy pant raver intermission of the mid and late 90’s still didn’t kill the skinny jeans because all the goths and glam rockers  kept the black skinny jeans alive while all the Hip hop and techno pants just got bigger and bigger. Towards the early 2000, the skinny jeans took over as minimalist Asian fashion like Alfred Sung combined with a huge indie music boom dressed everyone under 40 in colorful skinny jeans.

Now, over a decade later, the trend has not changed. Forget that the hipsters are  making skinny jeans a total fashion necessity! Even with the fashion industry steering away from what has often been referred to as misogynist anorexic fashion like the size 0 outfits of gay iconic designers such as Karl Lagerfeld or the sickly looking Galliano models. Even with the fashion industry showcasing curvy couture and plus-sized campaigns out of the woodwork. The skinny jeans have survived and adapted. AdditionElle, a Montreal based store for women who wear over 14+ sized clothing, came out with a skinny line of tight fitting jeans for larger women. OLD NAVY announced that their skinny line came in all shapes and sizes and brands likes NYDJ actually specialize in Skinny jeans technology and have a patented technology for their brand of skinny!