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Martin Biallas brings the Sistine Chapel to MTL!

Martin Biallas brings the Sistine Chapel to MTL!

Martin Biallas

When in Rome once can visit the illustrious Sistine Chapel. Now, in Montreal for the next few months, it is possible to visit the chapel in amazing high tech awesomeness.  The monumental work by Renaissance master Michelangelo has enjoyed fame for over 500 years. Now it can be admired close up and personal at the Palais Des Congres.

The world premiere for this stunning exhibit was announced by Martin Biallas, CEO, Special Entertainment Events Inc. (SEE), a Hollywood-based company specializing in successful touring attractions such as Star Trek & Titanic. The firm has partnered with Giobeau Productions, a LA-based production company directed by CEO Beau Ioana, and Icon Vision Media, a Montreal multimedia company directed by CEO Rudee Vyas. The collaborating team chose Montreal for the world première of Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel as the Palais de Congrès’ recently inaugurated exhibit space Espace 1001 is ideal to showcase the huge exhibit. Tickets went on sale Thursday, June 11, 2015.

‘‘Visitors can view the magnificent art at a distance impossible to achieve in the actual Sistine Chapel in Rome. Our special photographic reproduction technique captures the look, size and feel of the original frescoes through the use of licensed original photos,’’ explained Martin Biallas.

‘’We are pleased to have had exceptional support from Tourism Montreal, and the Palais de Congrès. Now Montrealers – not to mention visitors from all over the world – can view this amazing historical blockbuster. The state-of-the art presentation illustrates the powerful talent of this iconic artist,’’ added Vyas.

Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel: The Exhibition

TICKETS now on sale at TicketPro
Palais des congrès box office ChapelSistine

July 10 – October 12, 2015
Palais des congrès, 1001 Place Jean-Paul-Riopelle

The top 3 things we at BandMark are most excited about at this World premiere?

1. All 33 ceiling frescos by Michelangelo + The Last Judgement – Hmm yes.

2. Life-size exhibit: The majestic ceiling frescoes, Italian High Renaissance masterpieces, are reproduced on a life-size scale. – Woah!

3. Michelangelo Buonarroti created them in the early 16th century, applying paint to damp plaster. Contrary to popular opinion, he painted standing up. – Well, I didn’t know..

The fresco reproductions have been created through images taken right after restorations 20 years ago and are fully licensed by world-renowned photographer Erich Lessing.

“This is the Sistine Chapel up close and personal” –
hopefully no one will be disappointed when they see the originals in Rome.”
Astrid Blasberg, Artist & Art Expert & historian -Frankfurt


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  • Mr. Biallas says: the size is the same “to the inch”. He probably was never in the Vatican because some of the scenes in the exhibit in Montreal are THREE TIMES bigger than the original. He had other scenes photoshopped in a way Michelangelo never painted. Who does he think he is fooling? This is a Hollywood scam without any art or religious team of experts!

  • I saw this show and loved it and I have been to the vatican.

    Oh come on lol… photoshopped YES not true to the sizes – come on, do you think a big Hollywood production would not be able to get the simple sizing of the sistine chapel frescos?! It is not even worth arguing about it’s so pathetic… people think they are bigger because they are illuminated and much closer.

    Obviously they appear smaller in the vatican… There is over 5,000 square feet of frescos in the vatican – if anything some could be even bigger! In 7 November 1984 they restored them – so anyways… maybe those restorations are not EXACTLY true to the original lol.. sounds like religious fanaticism and the idea that everything in Hollywood is somehow not actual “ART” I saw this show and loved it and I have been to the vatican.

  • We just went to the Michelangelo Sistine Chapel exhibit you wrote about and we loved it! Our children 12 and 18, were amazed ..and no complaints about wanting to go somewhere else! Actually we had no idea we would spend so much time, and found it not only really interesting, but tranquil and quite spiritual. Congrats on the hand-out information as well as the smart phone ap. We were there 3 hours! thank you.

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