What creative space is temporary and gets you a one on one with the designer as you purchase their product? A POP-UP SHOP!

Pop-Up Shop Montreal

Call it what you will: temporary retail, flash retailing, pop-up store or pop-up shop, it’s all the same concept and it’s booming in Montreal.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been running around the city trying to catch all of them this summer, and FYI bring your sneakers and your water bottle if you want to do the same.

A pop-up shop is basically an empty commercial space, rented out to a designer or artist, or a group of designers and/or artists, where they sell and expose their products. They last typically between 1 day to 3 months and are located where all the wandering walkers tend to go, think malls or busy streets, coincidentally it’s something that Montreal has a lot of.

The exposing brand or artist gets visibility and awareness, meets his/her customers, checks out new and potential markets and sells more products. The customer discovers new brands, meets designers and artists, gets discount rates on products, and if he or she does it right, ends up with a cocktail or two.

I see no losers in this situation; it’s a win-win for all counterparts.

This new limited-time way of marketing is like when Snapchat first started when you could only see the snap once and then it was forever gone. Pop-up shops are a little less dramatic, but the hype is still all the same. When a brand you like or you’ve heard about is opening a 3 day pop-up shop on St-Laurent with amazing discounts and custom swag, you just HAVE to be there!

Many Montreal brands and businesses with locally made products are getting on this trend and as a huge supporter of the Montreal Fashion Industry and its many talents, I made a list for you guys.



2nd-6th – Vintage Pop-up store Last Week. For vintage lovers.

3rd-6th – Mèche Studios official Launch + Pop Up Weekend. Designed in Montreal and ethically manufactured in Shanghai, the brand is a platform where women come to embrace a post modern vision of sensuality.

4th-5th – SHOP IN Essentials Pop Up Shop. Local Montreal Talent, Wonder a new upcoming brand and pop up discounts sounds like a good time.

5th – QéiKO // SUMMER POP UP AT West-Elm in Griffintown. QéiKO is an up an coming Montreal brand featuring clothing and accessories from here or elsewhere always respecting the labour and labourer.

9th-13th – Pop Up store Kokono at Evelyne Boutique. Selling products from local artists and designers and wonderful vintage pieces, Kokono is a Montreal based treasure who thrives on eco-responsible alternatives.

12th – Conscious Creators Pop Up Shop. Jewelry, healing stones, and second-hand clothing.

17th-20th – Pop Up Shop Montreal Designers. Hosted by the one and only Katia Dion from Agence Ka, a sales rep agency pushing hard for our Montreal Designers like Eve Gravel and Body Bag.

18TH-20TH – JACKALOPE presents POP UP SHOP // BACK TO SCHOOL. Unique streetwear brands from Montreal and elsewhere and a new haircut to start the new school year.

Montreal Fashion & Design Festival is also this month and will have many pop-up shops or fashion trucks going around promoting local talents and Quebec designs. Keep your eyes peeled!

Pop-up shop Montreal