Shirley Levi is making me love my job today! As someone who has been working in AR with various labels and management companies for a few years now, I listen to a lot of music. Sometimes 100 bands a day. Even if I am too busy, tired or burnt out – I give every email, Fb message or phone call at least 30 seconds of play. If in that time, I like what I hear (for me there are 2 requirements: sings on key, made me feel something) it’s a go. Sometimes in our feature selection process, it’s even faster it’s instantaneous. With Shirley it was a few seconds. Self coined genre “RAWK” singer, Shirley sounds like what Grace Slick from Jefferson Airplane might have sounded if she too was an activist and poet. Gorgeous and Tom-boyish, she has a unique style. Patti Smith called, she wants her ties and suspender back, Edie wants her striped tights and Warhol era boots!

Shirley has also entered our music industry partner: Uprise.FM Music Opportunity: SHARE YOUR LIVE! Give her some love here: