Beware of BROOKLYN, they are producing musicians faster than babies in Bangladesh!  SHINOBI NINJA makes me think of a band from my home town who I love BRANVAN3000 both because of the large number of diverse musicians and the fact that they have really nailed the Rock/Hip-hop hybrid. Other bands who have done this successfully are of course The Beastie Boys (another fave) and Wu Tang. Their gritty guitars, heavy beats and uplifting story-style raps make this band an excellent road trip selection.  Their music is so high contrast in terms of mood. Their new song/Video DAYS DAZE is almost electro grunge gothy like Smashing Pumpkins compared to: What If Times, a cute slice of life track. Play these guys on a wicked  car speaker system like Behringer, ‘n an open window!

I love a band who has a huge amount of lifestyle and fashion to offer its fans above the music that they produce. Go through their Facebook photos and you will see that this band has a THING going on. And that thing is somewhere between a funky colored slush puppy and a heavy gold chain. Their pictures are REAL and not contrived. These cats dress like that all the time, this ain’t just posing. Rock Hood IS anthem legit. It is their self-coined genre and it’s believable.

One of their videos: for DOOM GLOOM features an action movie plot where they are a villainous group of bio warfare terrorists who must not escape NYC. If for nothing else, watch it for the nuns in gas masks! Fans of  twisted circuses and HBO’s American Horror Story will find a strange connection to this freaky fraternity.