She Wants Revenge is having their resurgence, all thanks to a hit TV show. They will be playing a show at Montreal’s Theatre Fairmount this coming Friday.

Remember when dark music was having its shining moment (again) in the early 2000’s? It was a tempestuous handful of years. A time when dark melodies and synth-laced production seduced us all and got major radio play. We had The Killers, The Bravery, Interpol and so on. For a hot moment, we also had She Wants Revenge.

Tickets available for $25.

Every so often one of those little ditties from a decade past pops up again. For She Wants Revenge, this was exactly the case. The LA based duo had been indefinitely on hiatus for quite some time.

Last years’ season of American Horror Story catapulted She Wants Revenge back into the spotlight… and here we are today. Bracing ourselves for their imminent return to the Montreal stage, thanks to I LOVE NEON Productions.


The duo’s self-titled debut record turned a decade old this year. She Wants Revenge have been seeing all sorts of redemption while on their 10 year anniversary tour all throughout North America.

What is clear with She Wants Revenge is that they still have a very passionate following. Be it fans who’ve followed and loved the group for the 80s redux – Joy Division-esque vibe. Or the new comers who associate the duo with the (forever) iconic introduction scene for Lady Gaga’s character on the Hotel season of the hit anthology.


SWR on their song being heavily featured with Lady Gaga’s Hotel character, The Countess:

We received an email asking if we had an instrumental of “Tear You Apart” for a potential placement in AHS. The email also included the fact that it was Lady Gaga that had requested it. I’ve become friends with her over the years and reached out to see if it was, in fact, her. It was. We had never made an instrumental, so we went in the studio and dug through old hard drives until we found the debut album with that particular session on it. We made an instrumental and sent it off. We had no idea what the scene was, how long it would play, no information. We found out with the rest of the world when we watched it on tv. It was insane. We were blown away that, not only did they use our song, but they used the entire song, with vocals, and basically made an entire “music video” for it, based on one of our favorite movies, The Hunger. It was mind blowing and we are so grateful to Lady Gaga, she’s the best!

No doubt that having this type of resurgence, all thanks to a new vision and take on a classic gem, must be interesting to get swept into. I am so excited this band is back in the forefront of people’s mind, thanks to some outstanding talent and good ol’ Mother Monster.

Get your tickets here, and til Friday night’s inevitable blood bath with She Wants Revenge, why not re-visit the now-iconic scene with The Countess and Tear You Apart.

Supporting acts for the night are Raw Fabrics and Nikki’s Wives.

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