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SoundCloud Awards Info

How to Enter: Easy entry by uploading directly via the SoundCloud app (orange cloud located to the left of the info button) you just need to have your track uploaded previously into your SC profile.

Presents: Prizes are lame, this is not a competition.. Fan, band and staff votes are just a fun part of the process. The winners will be drawn from our interest in the music period. We will pick a handful of music to blog about in the Fall.

Sponsored Swag: We get swag from cool companies and we are going to give it to you guys!  We are collecting it all Summer and it will go to 2 staff faves and 2 public faves.

Eligibility: Every genre, from everywhere in the world and you can be a child or an old man. there are no restriction. We somehow hope the universe lines us up with good music..

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