Satori & the Band From Space

October 25th – Satori & The Band From Space at L’Astral

This evening, Dutch producer and musician Satori will perform live with his Band From Space. Former saxophonist for Rx Bandits, Steve Borth, with help from fellow artists in the current reggae, ska, and dub scene, produced three albums. Inspired by electronic world music, his signature moody, atmospheric beats hypnotize with endless blends of captivating trance and mind-altering earthy tones. More than just a switch on the soundboard, his musical world embarks his audience on a spiritual journey where movement, dreaming, and creativity are endless. Satori means enlightenment and energy, and the man behind the instrument indubitably created a deeper form of electronic music, harvesting every last memory of dance and rhythm. Tonight, let him help you find your way and let the sound live in your heart.

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Satori And The Band From Space

Photo Credit: Matthijs Mekking


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