Santos has always had the reputation of being a great place to hang out and dance the night away. But it has only been since the arrival of Executive Chef, Clarisse Jolicoeur, that the quality of the food and the creativity of the menu, has jumped to a whole new level.  Along with her First Officer in the kitchen, Mathieu Lelièvre, chef Clarisse and her team have managed to move Santos from beyond a nightclub with average food to a fine dining establishment. In a spirit reminiscent of Inigo Montoya, the vision of chef Clarisse (in her own words) is to:

“Raise Santos from the ashes and make it into one of the best Mexican/Spanish restaurants in Canada”.

I have had the pleasure to have met Clarisse, and tasted her cooking. And I can tell you that with her experience with the homemade Mexican recipes she grew up with, that you will certainly not be disappointed with what awaits you at Santos to please your palate. Clarisse and her team are a force to be reckoned with. I kid you not.

Chef @clarissejolicoeur making the best food we've ever seen here 🥘 🇪🇸 🇲🇽

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But lets not fool ourselves. Santos is after all one of the most popular night venues in MTL for the experience, fun, and service. Managers Samir Balti & Robert Tang decided to host a Bombay gin cocktail night every Thursday.

Come in early and get a table. Load up on some “Bombay Treasure coins” gold laden tokens that become drink discounts (Collect them, spend them or share them with friends!)

They are your currency for Thursday fun. I just attended the first gin night and let me tell you that the service was impeccable, the prices super reasonable, and the ambiance darkly romantically wicked.

Located in the heart of Old Montreal, let Santos bring you to a new place within the heart of Bacchus.