We have been making salads in a jar these days to create healthy and easy lunches for busy staff! The first one was an experiment and didn’t photograph super well, but this one is marvelous if I do say so myself! Also, here’s a tip to keep your salads afford-ably delicious. Take a peek at your grocery store flyer to see which fruits and veggies are on sale. Then, Google the fruit and veggie sale items and believe me, tons of recipes will come up. Do not go over 2 or 3 basic ingredients though or you may not find many results. For this salad, I noticed the PA grocery store had:  endives, Brebis feta, oranges all on sale. With the endive and oranges alone, I knew a plethora of French recipes were going to come out of the search engine woodwork. I adapted my final search to include mint and dates and I have a real winner here. Possibly one of the best salads I have ever had and very easy to prepare. Here goes!

first of all, you need to get Salads-in-a-jar equipped and I would like to thank this awesome lady for doing that. I took her advice and found the Ziplock pumps on Ebay for $6 each and bought Mason jars at my grocery store for less than $1 each, so it’s not a pricey hobby..


  • As many endives as jars
  • 1 orange per jar
  • 1/4 cup celery per jar
  • 2 dates per jar (chopped) – you may want to let them dry overnight
  • Feta, I suggest triple cream Brebis (that’s French for sheep) Feta
  • A few chopped sprigs of mint

You pretty must just add each layer in and you do not need to do this in any particular fashion although I think the feta would stick to the bottom so you want to layer that inside other things. You can use my picture to make your layers, but really, once you fork it all out into your plate, it will mix up. I like to take a spice bottle and push my layers down with it to make really nice even layers but that’s just me 😉


Balsamic or dijonnaise will work really well here. I tried a sweet Balsamic. My own simple recipe below.

  • 2 tbsp old balsamic (dark)
  • 1 tsp  extra virgin olive oil
  • Small minced garlic
  • A tiny swoosh of honey

The honey bring out the orange and contrasts the bitter endives.  More salads-in-a-jar soon!!