Montreal-born visual artist Roxanne Sauriol a.k.a Roxy Peroxyde is back for her fifth solo show with the exhibition of a new series of paintings — provocatively entitled KILL YOUR DARLINGS — at the Vilaine Victoire loft on Friday, August 23.

Roxy Peroxyde
“Objects of Desire n.3” (2019) © Royx Peroxyde

Roxanne is an artist who chooses to make women the foreground of her work as an escape from her own conception of social and emotional limitations. Through the depiction of other women, she is able to express the results of a continuous introspection without the burden of being directly represented in a narrative that is strongly based on self-perception.

Roxy Peroxyde
“Avoidance n.1” (2019) © Royx Peroxyde

For her, painting came as a necessity and is the perfect language to raise self-related questions and express vulnerability while remaining inexplicit as interpretation remains personal to each individual. As Roxy Peroxyde, she defines her practice as a never-ending work in progress as it plays a therapeutic role, giving her the distance she needs to understand herself and her place in the world.

Royx Peroxyde
“Dehumanization n.2” (2019) © Royx Peroxyde

Kill Your Darlings

With this new series, Roxanne goes even deeper. As she explains it:

Kill Your Darlings is an honest face to face with myself, with my defences and my vulnerabilities. Something that was made impossible for me to avoid. Killing one’s darlings means getting rid of the things you love the most. To let go of what you are holding onto. I rid myself of everything that wasn’t directly serving my narrative and purpose. And, to the best of my abilities, I put this on canvas in this collection. Kill Your Darlings is something I wanted dead and buried. A way to turn the page on a period of my life that no longer defined me.

Roxanne Sauriol standing next to her kintsugi-inspired glowing piece “One in a Million” (2017) © Royx Peroxyde

So here is what you need to know about Roxy Peroxyde’s Kill Your Darlings Exhibition:

Date and Time: Friday, August 23, 2019, from 6PM to 10PM
Location: Vilaine Victoire | 445 rue St-Pierre Montréal, QC H2Y 2M8
Admission Fee: Free
Facebook Event Page: Kill your darlings Exhibition
Facebook: @roxannesauriolart | Instagram: @roxyperoxyde | Twitter: @RoxyPeroxyde | Website:

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