BandMark recently sat down with local talent Rosanna Tomiuk. From the athletic world, to inspirational speaking and coaching Rosanna continues in her creativity with her new project #SongaDay. This is a woman with a vision and idea she is striving towards. One further than simply creating music.

#SongaDay, What will these daily written songs be for?

I will be picking some that are actually good. I never expected any or all of them to be amazing, but there’s a few good ones in there. With those, I will revisit the lyrics and up the quality of them. Arrange and produce some final cuts and hopefully make some music videos out of the great ones.

What inspired the Song A Day project for you?

There is something to be said about quantity. I don’t ever want to be that artist who is afraid to put out a product because it’s not perfect. I feel like that should be a life motto for me, to set a due date to ship. I did this publicly, because you can use the public to motivate you rather than hurt you. If you make a commitment that’s public it can serve to hold you accountable. The project has let me share this with the journey, and I really value staying true to my word.

What has been the biggest challenge or obstacle when it comes to writing a song?

I started playing guitar in my 20’s. I can see how having the ability to really know my guitar rhythmically or in chord variation can help the writing process. I naturally have lots of vocal melodies, but it can really bring a song to a different place when you have great guitar capacity. I am a simple player, but have been really inspired to get better with this project.

Do you find your athletic background to be a help with your music?

In an amazing way sport has taught me a lot about life and discipline. I see it now more than ever. As artists, we have this tendency to be emotional and inspired,  you sorta have to go along with it. It is so counter active to sport mentality, where you do it because you have to. It’s a big lesson I learn over and over. I’m always tell myself to “Just do it”. The bigger the dream, the more powerful the resistance. You need a higher capacity to just do it the bigger your dreams become.

Who are some inspirations here in Montreal?

David Hodges, a Montreal hip-hop artist. When I was 17/18 he was the first person to get me on a track singing and sort of gave me my wings. He is a big reason for journey into music. Lots of my love for music came from my brother who always listened to diverse genres. He was my first inspiration to really know music.

What is your biggest fear at this point in your life?

That my boat has sailed and I’m still waiting at the dock. That it is too late to have the world care about my music. I don’t regret the time invested in sport, but now I am 30. There’s a place for all music, and I am no 18 yo diva. I’d still love to tour. I have depth and my music can help people. Sometimes I just want to have fun and be upbeat. Pulling that into my art is something I’m doing with #SongaDay. Learning what I like most, exploring limitations on guitar, adding that special beat on Ableton. I’ve seen another side to my personality with this project. I’d still love to dance in a video, just because I want to.

Love MTL, your community initiative. Do you see this tying into your music career?

Love MTL is connecting with people in life, festivals, and events. I’m working on how expansive my brand is. I want my world of music, non-profit, and coaching all as one entity. Love MTL can go with music as artists often connect to cause. I am trying to be strategic in packaging this together.