Well this was a fun review! Room-service.ca is a very cool concept…  perfectly in line with the trend of Upscale bar and diner food like burgers and milk shakes. Room Service offers Montrealers the opportunity to impress their guests with fanciful delivery staff that one would expect at a nice hotel. Dressed to the nines and very polite, my delivery boy arrived with a shiny suit,  slick hair and a friendly smile! The food was much more than we had been promised for a review, this is no cheap establishment. We got multiple pizzas (our fave was the butter chicken one!) Philly cheese steak subs that were super delish and came with nice crunchy fries and siracha mayo! (my now fave mayo) a healthy Cobb salad helped remove at least half of the cheat meal guilt of the day – well at least until we cracked out the CRONUT and SNICKERS brownie!

What we loved about the menu is that it was filled with unique things like a sparkling Apple juice brand I had never heard of by FAYROUZ. The Vanilla milk shake tasted like a little sip of heaven. It was so vanilla flavored like cupcake icing times 10 and was smooth and I’m guessing filled with condensed milk or something equally sweet and exotic.  The selection is very well conceived as it really contains people’s faves. Pizza done, burgers done, healthy grilled fish and salads DONE. The selection is not over elaborate or lacking either it is really perfect. The price is right too, you wont go broke on your stay-in date with these guys.

For the month of October they are actually getting charitable with a PINK DRINK for the CURE for breast cancer foundation. The ROS VIF is the name for this Strawberry milkshake with proceeds being donated to CURE Foundation.

I will be sure to try this drink as I love strawberries and of course helping out!