O.k well as some of you know, I go through laptops faster than lip-gloss. Why? Well, I am not particularly careful with them – I feel as though they should be able to handle a certain amount of bumping about and another reason is that they are typically a business expense, so even though I am using my actual business $, it feels like another bank account is dishing out. This time however, I was so careful with my new best friend the TOSHIBA ULTRABOOK. I loved the design. From the brushed gun metal exterior to the soft violet lit keypad, this machine was made for someone with taste  (which is what the computer geek at STAPLES said lol) Then for the lappy to be really fast, have a great key and mouse pad was just a bonus. It is not my main IT vein, so I didn’t expect much from it..

I took it to NYC, excited to use my free lobby WIFI at my hotel and my very first day there it simply lost its mind. I stayed up 2 nights making myself crazy playing technician with the help of Google, many forums & not to mention expensive roaming Smartphone WIFI!  I tried everything boot disk related, reset hardware, u name it- all to end up with the same sad Windows logo glowing or rather dying before me. I was so mad! Why had this gorgeous and promising machine failed me 🙁  So we took it in to the shop and they confirmed that we had done nothing wrong at work. The TOSHIBA has some serious manufacturing problems and needed -GET THIS- a new everything: screen, keypad and hard drive. I was not pleased, I wanted a new one but they confirmed to us that actually refurbished ones are the best for these 3 reasons:

  1. The company does not want to deal with your WARRANTY again, or it starts costing them so the refurbished ones are given to you
  2. The refurbished ones not only go through testing to make sure the problems you knew about are fixed, they get checked for everything. As if you sent the laptop to the MAYO clinic
  3. Once the computer shows no more problems, it goes through a few days (at least with TOSHIBA) of performance testing where they give it a lot to deal with! If it passes that, u get it back

If you do NOT have a WARRANTY, they generally just give you a new laptop which has a higher chance of having problems than the refurbished ones. Consumers are so stuck on the idea that a laptop will be better if they get to cut the tape, remove the shiny protective plastic and it smells like newly manufactured chemical plastic. They do not even care that statistically the refurbished models have gone through much more performance checks, they want the new. Knowing this, I am going for the refurbished friends from now on!