When going on a road trip, there are often so many things to think about. Road trip snacks seem like a total headache to plan in advance but if you plan them wisely they actually also help you get rid of your fridge left overs too. Here are 2 recipes for an 8 hour road trip. You will have breakfast, anywhere this is easy. A shake at home or Tim Horton drive-through. It’s lunch that you want to bring and snacks. Otherwise you will have to eat junk food twice and will arrive with that ever so familiar carb coma lethargy and a little out of it from soda sugars, saturated fats and chemicals which allow things like vegetables to live forever in the SUBWAY troffs.

EASY BLT Road Trip Style! $10 (for 4 people let’s say)

4 buns (do not use normal bread, it will get moist and yucky. No one wants to eat a flour sponge!
2 large tomatoes or 3 small ones. Gut the seeds.
1 Crisp iceberg or romaine lettuce. Romaine is better for you.
Little mayo or whatever dressing you like.
8-12 Bacon strips  (that you buy days before your road trip for breakfast and use leftovers for the trip).

BLT buns are great for road trips for 3 reasons:

-They keep well. Fast to make and the crisp lettuce and bun does not get moist and gross
-It is relatively healthy with a bit of protein
-This will tie you over for a few hours if it is a large enough bun like onion bun or sub

Easy Road Trip Style snack (for 4 people let’s say) $10 for 4 people

You want protein, sweet and salty for those pesky cravings

-Mixed nuts with some chocolate (bag of nuts, 2 chocolate bars)
-Cheese with a fruit like apples (1 block of cheese or cheese curds  and 4 apples)

Easy to pack (hello ziplock), no refrigeration and provides a variety of nutrition

See, had you not read my blog you would have spent easily $10 per person going to Wendy’s at $40. Also buy a large bag of chips and soda at another $8 cost = $48. Plus you would all feel like crap when arriving at your destination (especially the poor driver!)