Mauve on over for some Sweetness

Mauve is an upcoming songstress hailing from Toronto. Her latest single “Sweetness”—available right now on Soundcloud and other streaming platforms, it is a thoroughly enjoyable piece of bubblegum pop.

Sweet and bubbly, heartfelt and flirty—it’s a tale of longing and love from afar…the kind of track perfect as a soundtrack for late summer romances and mischief. Repeated listens began to call up memories within me I had thought long forgotten—flashes of infatuation and of crushes past. Vicariously experiencing the thrill of falling for someone through her skillful lyricism and noticeably rich voice is a real treat. It’s truly a welcomed bit of hopeful escapism from the troubled world of today.

Though still early in her career, Mauve seems to possess an intuitive knack for navigating the tropes and of conventions of the current day pop landscape. This is not at all surprising after one learns of her background in musical theatre and the passion she holds for it.

The Strong Influences of Mauve

Citing Amy Winehouse and Sia as strong influences, one can clearly hear shades of these legends shine through her adept touch. Instrumentally, the tune has a finely crafted and slick electropop beat that recalls a modern EDM influence. It’s the kind of jam that would be at home on today’s Top 40 radio stations while still remaining memorable. The catchy and infectious chorus also somehow reminds me of 90’s icons Ace of Base.“Sweetness” proves to be an entirely promising single—one that signals the arrival of a burgeoning new young talent who could provide some much fresh energy in today’s saturated pop landscape.

If you’re a fan of Sia, Dua Lipa, Selena Gomez or if you just have a genuine love pop and dance music—this may be just the delightful earworm you’re looking for.

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