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Rebooting Your Mind: Part II

Rebooting Your Mind: Part II

Reboot Your Mind

Unfortunately, humans are lazy by nature. We are quite allergic to change. That is why it is extremely hard to change our thought patterns because it takes a lot, a lot of work. But, the good news is that we can change them—starting now! Get out a pen and paper or computer and learn how to reboot your mind. See part I here

Reboot Your Mind

Reboot Your Mind – Clarifying our Mindsets

1  List the words of your emotions presently. 

Just rapid fire them out. For example, perhaps your are feeling depressed: sad, angry, jealous, anxious, pain, confliction, confusion. If you are feeling more spirited: alert, eager, enthusiastic, elated. It helps to use the dictionary/thesaurus for precision.

Take an inventory of your thoughts, language, attitude, feelings, and goals that you are setting. Taking full responsibility for your thoughts and physiology. Harness your thoughts and language that are inherent in you. Notice how you are using your mind, body, and brain. Are you in charge of your mind? Or is your mind running amuk (originated from the Malay-Indonesian word meng-âmuk) with no discipline? Rebooting your mind starts here.

Reboot Your Mind

We should use our bodies as a tool to let us know what we want. It’s the only thing we have access to. It’s constantly dropping clues to what we should be doing. Our body is always sending messages of what is right and what is not right for us.  The body does not want the cake—the mind does. We may think we want another piece of cake but it’s not what our body wants. The mind is capable of lying –not your body. Your intuition is constantly trying to tell you what is right for you and what is wrong for you.

We all have access to these mental faculties of an internal guidance system. They are awareness, perception, logic, imagination, visualization and so on. Our body will feel heavy and drained when there is something we do not want to do. Perhaps, going to work does not give us the same happiness as it once did, like the feeling of being enthusiastic. Maybe now, going to work makes us feel like it’s a grudging task.  Maybe we should shift into a new job or career because it is not what we should be doing anymore.

Reboot Your MindOur body will tell us what feels better to us. Once we decide we want to feel happy, we must embody happiness. If we think of something happy, it will make us happier inside. It’s about embodying the feeling of happiness and visualizing it. Create a mindset with what your underlying feeling is. Know where your mindset is at right now and decide what you want to feel now. Your body responds to positive words by feeling lighter. Try closing your eyes for a moment and think of a positive word like JOY. How does your body respond to that expansive word? If you think of sadness does it make your body feel heavy?

Years back, I worked in a cubicle, it was in a sales job. It did not make me feel light inside. I paid attention to what my body was telling me. I knew this because I was no longer enthusiastic and creative. I felt mediocre and frustrated. I was not in alignment with my purpose. It made my body feel tightness, anxious, depressed and drained. Then I investigated to what felt right for me and I made a habit of monitoring my emotions. Yoga and meditation are something that keeps me focused and aligned as well. It’s a major thing.

Your emotions are a built in reinforcement system.

Being aware of what our body feels like only then we can decide how we want to feel instead. Once we have established how we want to feel like, we have to find out how to make that happen. Perhaps, it is changing jobs, or taking a much-needed vacation. Even under shitty circumstances.

You are not your mind, You are not your Thoughts

Reboot Your Mind

2. Know what your core desires (they are the things in life that get you really excited) and values are! (they are the things you do—a driving force).  Write a down a quick list of each of these. 

Every day, write at least 5 things you are grateful for. It must be with your feeling state of mind. Making choices that make you feel good is what life is about. It should be a core desire. Core desires are a part of your essence. It can’t be a mind based goal. Such as, you think you are good at Geology because that is what you are trained in. However, years down the road it bores you then you notice you could spend countless hours making lamps; it motivates you. Perhaps it’s time to scrap that job and do something that serves you. Again, it’s about doing the work of monitoring our thoughts and taking note of what we truly desire. Know that you are meant for something great. Sometimes people are perfectly happy doing what they do as long as they are being honest with themselves. Feelings are our teachers.

There is no easy walk to freedom anywhere, and many of us will have to pass through the valley of the shadow of death again and again before we reach the mountaintop of our desires.  –Nelson Mandela

Deprogramming our belief systems

Reset your brain
Neon Brain

3. Remind yourself of all these things you want. Write down a list of how you want to feel.

Know why do you want the things you do. Why do you want the things you want?  It’s customary to understand that when we do something like eating healthy food our body responds energetically. If we say for example– have one too many glasses of wine, our body will respond by making us feel drained.

Therefore, it requires a consistent inventory of our thoughts. This is painstaking work of at least 66 days to really change our beliefs. We must motivate ourselves to understand why we do what we do to determine if it’s right for us.  If we can pin point what drives us; makes us feel great about things—it will help us get clearer to what we want. Being very specific. Knowing the purpose behind it. Your mind has thoughts and they are not necessarily in alignment with your purpose. If you feel it in your heart and bones then that is the right direction for you. Let your emotions be your guide. Not mental impulses but core desires.

“Let yourself be silently drawn by the stronger pull of what you really love” – Rumi

When you have precise thoughts in what you want, this will direct you where you want to be in life.  Understanding all the different facets of who are. Perhaps, discovering all the things you are good at and determining in what feels best. You get to decide what kind of life you want to lead. It takes brainstorming and being brutally honest with yourself.  It can be done. Do an inventory of your thoughts today. Reboot the mind with expansive thoughts that resonate with what lights you up. Things will get easier and will come to us naturally.

Stop talking. The incessant chatter is usually in our head.  If one can control their mind set, thought patterns and emotions, one can achieve their full potential and a life of purpose. What drives you—becomes your purpose. Be clear, be crystal clear on what you really want…it’s ultimately going to lead you to the life your dreams of and we were meant for. And ain’t that the goal!

Reboot Your Mind

A quick meditation and pranayama practice to help reboot your mind and refocus

  • Sit in a quiet place and connect with your breath.
  • Sit comfortably on a chair, pillow, or lying on your back with legs up the wall or bed (preferably).
  • Now, focus on your inhalation and exhalation.
  • Place your hand on your diaphragm and breath deeply to feel it expand and contract. Do this for a few loooong rounds
  • Breath in from your diaphragm to the top of your lungs and pause for a moment and slowly release all the air from the top of the lungs pushing out through the bottom of the diaphragm.
  • Ten or twenty long rounds is a good start.
  • On the next deep inhalation, rub your hands together to generate heat and quickly place them over your eyes and slowly exhale.
  • remove the palms slowly and smile.

“We are what we repeatedly do.
Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.”  – Aristotle 

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