The Rebel Light’s new single: STRANGERS is hopeful. Hope that indie music is not always love torn boy bands. Hope that 60’s revival pop can feel like we went back in time, ditched the cheesy lava lamps but brought back the kick ass cocktails. Described by the band as Southen California Indie, this single is very promising. There is a huge West Coast sound which is sweeping every genre in North America.  The Autumn is such a clever time to drop a sunny track like this one; as people hold on dearly to their golden memories, we cling to everything warm and nostalgic in music – at least until true winter.

Strangers was the My Morning Download song of the day on XPN. I like that concept, I was thinking just yesterday that a brilliant setting on a streaming music platform would be “Rain Walk” stuff like The Doors, maybe Air French band. I am really into music for mood.