The Light Bulb Alley members are not taking the commonly given advice to artists to NOT quit their day job.

In fact, they have done quite the opposite and quit all their day jobs to go on a rather sudden Mexican tour!

This doesn’t surprise me in the least as Frontman Allister Quinn is a very impulsive and adventurous creature, who is able to put his music before much of his basic survival needs; THIS alone many artists would agree provides the breeding grounds for your best work.

Artists need to suffer a little according to a great read called Tortured Artist about the risks and turmoil that Kurt Cobain, Earnest Hemingway and Andy Warhol had to endure to produce their art among many others.. I do believe this. If not the perm suffering of addiction & various mental and emotional disorders they need to push the boundaries of their comfort zones and lifestyles.

It not only produces great art but it produces the kind of biographies people want to read. Let’s face it, not one is interested in your parent funded basement studio, they want to read about your alcohol dazed 1 bedroom apartment with dirty sheets and fallen cherry burned floors.

I took a little time before Allister’s flight to ask him about his decision to quit his day job and go on tour as I had seen him do this before.

“You have to evaluate the potential for visibility vs the risks in uprooting everything. I make sure not to have “career” jobs that are risky to quit, THIS is my job so the investment in lack of security is a direct translation in going big or going home.

I don’t always choose to quit my jobs, sometimes I need to eat right? If I see an opportunity to acquire a new and large base of music fans quickly and have a lot of fucking fun doing so travelling, then the decision is a no brainer.”

So who else is performing with the crazy cabrones of Light Bulb Alley?  Viva el Rey, Rodeo Way, Sierra Leon, Goodbye Sailor, Imperio, Benson, Leoncase, The Froys, Seex Station, Mr. Brooklyn

Mexico tour LBA
Light Bulb Alley Mexico tour