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Prince funks up MTL Jazz Fest!

Prince funks up MTL Jazz Fest!

Prince funks up MTL Jazz Fest! 1

Prince is an artist who needs no introduction. Since the late ’70s the mad genius has been igniting dance floors with his unique brand of sexed-up pop-funk, and now His Purple Highness is going to shake your booty at the Montreal Jazz Festival in two sold-out shows June 24th and 25th — that is, tonight and Saturday.

It’s all sort of last-minute: Prince wasn’t on the bill until the middle of June, when he suddenly descended from on high and asked the co-ordinators of the fest if he could be included in the show. Plans were made – you can’t say no to the man who did Purple Rain. Audiences, as always, seem to agree: The shows were sold out over a week ago (sorry, folks!). This is well in keeping with the pop-god’s usual showings, which are often short-notice.

What to expect at the show? Expect to get your groove on, for one. Prince is an artist who has spanned genres and decades, influencing countless imitators and spawning sub-genres left and right. His music is emotional, sexy, moody, sonically lush and nearly always dance-oriented. A prodigy multi-instrumentalist, Prince throws wild guitar solos, synths, pianos and nearly every other instrument into his sound with boundless energy.

Prince’s show may be booked, but he isn’t the only attraction at the Montreal Jazz Festival this weekend. Everyone from torch-singer goddess Holly Cole, to ’80s sensations B52s, to legendary crooner Maryanne Faithfull will make an appearance. Clearly, this isn’t just for people who like jazz – it’s for music fans of all stripes. And it’s all available in the heart of Montreal, from St. Laurent Boulevard and De Bleury Street and Ste. Catherine Street and President-Kennedy Avenue downtown. Find out more at their site. See you there!

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