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PRESENT MOMENT REALITY: Reality Revealing Fashion

PRESENT MOMENT REALITY: Reality Revealing Fashion

Present moment reality

Somehow, the other night while, I was winter cocooning I landed on PRESENT MOMENT REALITY In an instagram vortex of enjoying beautiful and meaningful art.

I have worked with Krista Bursey and followed her work for years. Instead of constantly producing art, she tends to go in these hyper productive waves of deep creation periods leaving her fans starving during the intermissions. I will catch a cool tattoo here, a wicked logo there and then BAM a fashion line for what I call:

The starseed illuminati for the energetically evolved.

Have you ever looked at reality and thought: This must be an illusion to help us navigate, reality must be more intense and chaotic and beautiful and scary. There  just must be MORE than meets the eye. These designs are not just cool abstract illustrations, they are the birthing of transformative change. The darkness of fears and pain as well as the light and sheer beauty at the end of a tunnel of self awareness.

I really enjoy how we have been blessed with this meditative tattoo wonder in The Ouroboro. To me this makes me think of the infinite power of the flower core.

As someone who practices meditation a lot (not the affirmations on a trendy pillow kind, the sit for hours with a candle and nothing kind.) I see a lot of layers of human consciousness in her work. You can tell everything was aligned and planned out in the process of the work, right down to the choice of technique, shirt colors and styles.

Feline King Realness

It seems I am most drawn to the shirts that have used a unique ice dye technique to create these dreamy subtle landscapes of colors. I particularly love both the high contrast with angelic white prints as well as ones like Blue Agate. I also enjoy this bold alpha feline dark long sleeve with the arm logo.

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Truly a MONTREAL MADE fashion line,  PRESENT MOMENT REALITY was created in the charming alleys of the Mile end.

Supporting this fashion is supporting people who make art for the sake of sharing their inner journeys. This fashion is not mass marketed  and easy to find, it is limited edition and you may have gone through life without knowing it existed, until now – so go out and get a shirt, it will become one of your wardrobe faves.

If I had to pick a fave style to see on my BF it would be BLUE LACE AGATE. I have always loved blue pen ink bleeding on white paper.

Blue Lace Agate god


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