Welcome to Poutine Fest at Campo.

Miss Sandra Ferreira’s new Portuguese express grill. Campo, which means “field” in Portuguese is a well-designed space; you can’t tell it’s a grill place at first glance. A vast dining area, spotless kitchen installed in the back where you can glimpse at the cooks busy grilling and not smell the greasy fumes. Rustic tables sitting on modern Portuguese tiles complete this minimalist decor.

Note your calendars! As of Feb 1st-8th, its Poutine Fest at Campo.

Tender pieces of grain-fed Portuguese chicken, crispy chorizo chips, curds of São Jorge cheese, made of Portuguese cow milk, covered with their gluten-free gravy, reduced from Campo’s chicken sauce slowly cooked for hours. In the end, only a taste of pepper and citrus remains. Hungry yet!

To make you salivate, even more, Campo will serve you a glass of their red or white Little F house wine, imported from Douro in a very equitable manner for $3.

You can taste it there, pick it up, or order online for delivery. Service is ultra-fast and very courteous. Bon Appetite!

Campo 1108 de Maisonneuve blvd, Montreal, QC – 514-903-9639