1. The Kills

A rock band formed in 2000 with a flair for indie rock, garage rock, and blues rock, The Kills, according to the founding members, chose their name to reflect “a band that could exist in any decade”. Their minimalist style influenced by such artists as PJ Harvey, LCD Soundsystem, The Velvet Underground, The Fall, Patti Smith, Suicide, etc. have been compared to a rebirth of The White Stripes. This is a must see band for any enthusiast of the genre. Performing Wednesday September 21st @ Metropolis (59 Ste-Catherines E.)

2. L.A Witch

Coined by the band themselves, they are reverb-soaked punk rock. A dark and haunting  band that rocks some 1950’s/1960’s inspired surf sounds mixed with garage and psychedelic punk rock with a dark twist and lots of ghostly reverbs. A wicked experience that delivers for those with a soul that strays on the side of things unseen. Catch them on Wednesday September 21st @ Metropolis (59 Ste-Catherines E.)

3. John Cale

The legendary Welsh composer, singer/songwriter that was a founding member of The Velvet Underground along with Lou Reed. A great and eclectic musician that performs with soul and conviction. This is a show you would not want to miss especially if you are a fan of that Warhol Factory music scene period of the 60’s. Go see this legend on stage before it is too late. Performing @Theatre Rialto on Thursday September 22nd.

4. Helena Deland

Helena is a part of the The Montreal Folk Underground and is a newcomer compared to John Cale. Nonetheless, her airy Mazzy Star brilliance, and return to roots from several decades ago will delight spectators. Catch her at the Mailchimp BBQ Wednesday 21st of September, Rialto Theatre Thursday 22nd of September & Saturday 24th of September at Divan Orange.

5. Trixie Whitley

Trixie Whitley has a phenomenal voice that is rich and powerful. She is a Belgian/American multi-instrumentalist who combines alternative rock, soul, and blues rock in a layer cake of delicious sound.  She performed two critically acclaimed shows at the Montreal International Jazz Festival. One cannot go wrong by seeing her. Trixie will be performing on Friday 23rd of September at L’Astral.

6. Ghostly Kisses

An indie electronica group from Quebec formed in 2015, Ghostly Kisses is something else. As the name suggests, Ghostly Kisses is an ethereal journey into a world of music characterized by haunting voices and melodies like an Aria trapped in the other world crying for release from what imprisons her. God-like and beautiful music. Travel to the other side friends. Performing on Friday September 23rd at l’Astral.

7. Emilie & Ogden

& Ogden is not your typical duet but rather an encounter between a young singer and a harp.
They will delight you with a strange blend of indie-folk and a gentle classical breeze of music that is somewhat unique. Emilie is a gifted multi-instrumentalist able to play a range of instruments from the flute to the harp. Check her adorable music for something outside the usual. They’ll be at Chapelle St-Louis on Friday & Saturday September 23rd-24th.

8. David Simard

Hailing from British Columbia, David Simard is like hearing a reincarnation of Leonard Cohen all over again. And that is meant as a compliment. His style brings us back to tortured days as we wait for the dawn. He’s a heavy wait musician with wonderful talent that makes one think of hopping a train and getting out of town like a vagabond. He’ll be performing 2 nights at Chapelle Saint-Louis on Friday & Saturday September 23-24th of September.

9. The Filthy World/John Waters

Known as the King of Filth, the Pope of Trash, and the Patron Saint of Misfits, John Waters is a one man show finding its roots in the trash genre and his love for Vaudeville. A marked eccentric with a flair for humour that is anything but Kosher, The Filthy World is a musical comedic experience that will make you laugh and cry as a bygone age of entertainment is brought back to life in a bizarre new twist. Catch him @ Rialto Theatre on Saturday September 24th.

10.  Annette Peacock
Funk Goddess from the 1970’s. A must see. Enough said. She’ll be performing @ Federation Ukrainienne on Sunday September 25th!