A rainy Saturday in Montreal this weekend did not stop all the fun spread aroung town thanks to the fabulous folks at POP Montreal. I’ve always loved how ambitious the music & arts fans in town are. Seeing parties get dressed up, scrambling from one venue to the other in the rain, not concerned of being wet is simply amazing.

Hitting up Montreal, on what was her first EVER Canadian show, was U.K’s Jess Glynne. With a smooth stride on-to the stage, backed with 2 singer’s and her band, Jess turned up the heat with a sold-out crowd inside Le Belmont. No joke…it was as hot inside that venue as some of our hottest days this summer!

Jess Glynne had recently gone under vocal surgery & requested the air conditioning to be turned off for her set. Le Belmont was packed so tightly, it was almost too difficult to even move back to the washrooms. Though nobody seemed to mind, the energy inside was incredible. Fans dripping in sweat still pouring out love to one another.

The voice this girl is packing is something else. Beautifully soulful melodies wrapped in very controlled & perfect tone. It wasn’t until the 2nd song started that I realized this red-haired beauty that caugh my attention from her poster’s is actually a voice I had been hearing on the radio everywhere! Jess is the lady featured on the Clean Bandit track Rather Be.

When these couple of dance hits featuring Glynne as vocalist were played, the crowd went wild! The collective volume of voices chanting the words back to the singer was impressively high, leaving me with a huge smile from ear to ear.

Glynne has just realesed her debut record, I cry When I Laugh. The music is a little more of a soulful pop sound than the commercially successful tracks she’s gained her exposure from. But that’s not to say they are not big songs. In fact they’re huge ones with beats you can’t help but want to dance to. Her music feels good, uplifting, and that intention translates so beautifully with her on stage pressence.

Jess delivered a set full of passion & made Le Belmont her home for the night, & Montreal became her family in such an intimate setting. A fan of her’s I was not. After this POP Montreal event, my tune has changed & now I am aware that this girl has a bright future in Pop Music world-wide.