Although you wouldn’t know it from the way that they spell “favorite”, MFR are actually Toronto-based production trio James Teej, Jared Simms and Voytek Korab. Keeping busy with a slate of singles since their 2009 debut, MFR make a bold career move with the release of this well-conceived and masterfully executed artist album. Clearly the product of untold hours in the studio, Atomic Age will cement the group’s status as a complete act who emerge a cut above the disposable dance floor fare that plagues today’s audiosphere. Basic EDM cuts like “Looking for Frost”, “Missing Time” and “Home” see the trio successfully plundering synth-pop, Italo, house and electro motifs, but it’s with their more ambitious conceptions that MFR really succeed.

Leaving the club behind, MFR put their creative juices into full-fledged songs “The Circus”, “Centreofattentionaut” and the title track. Bittersweet synthesizers, haunting vocals and superb songwriting will endear fans of recent Liars, Caribou or Radiohead, especially Thom Yorke’s solo stuff (trust me, Bandmark won’t be the first to make this comparison). Ethereal and precise, check it out:

Listen/buy the album here:

ARTIST:                                 MY FAVORITE ROBOT

TITLE:                                    ATOMIC AGE

LABEL:                                   No. 19 Music

Bandmark’s rating:            8 on 10

Reviewed by:                         Steve Lalla