In honour of the city’s 375th birthday, a colourful street show where inflatable creatures fill the sky is happening in Montreal this month.

The Plasticiens Volants is a dynamic group of creators who from 1976  has grown from a 2 to a 30 person strong company today! Since 1986 the company has been based in the Tarn area situated in the southwest of France. However, in 1999 they moved to the commune of Tarn and Dadou in the town of Graulhet. Here they have rehabilitated an old tannery going by the evocative name of ‘The Factory of Emancipation,’ a name taken from the district in which the tannery was built over a century ago.

Experience and research have enabled The Plasticiens Volants to give life and form to specific characters: ‘the inflatables’.

 Plasticiens Volants

These giant inflated puppets and objects fly over the public and are awesome in size. They ruse with urban objects, slide up streets, and squeeze out of porch-ways or escape up alleys…they are operated from the ground by actors: the ‘actor-operator’s, who evolve and play amongst and with the public. These actor-operators are at one with the character that floats above them and is a fantastic inflatable extension of them. They run, dance, disappear and appear in order to tell their story.

Onlookers can expect to see everything from a serpent to Triton.

The Flying Plasticians have performed at the Barcelona Olympic Games and are experts in telling visual and compelling stories through these incredible inflatable structures.

 Plasticiens Volants

Prepare to be mesmerized as Montreal is literally blown up and the sky is transformed into a colourful universe fit for all.

Flying Plasticians

When: July 21 – 22, 9 pm
Where: St-Denis between Ontario and de Maisonneuve