To find a perfect pair of jeans that glorifies your body type, you first need to find the right fit. All jeans are not created equal so make sure to pick a size that truly fits – when trying on jeans don’t let going up a size or down a size scare you.

You’re now ready to select your style. Take the time to evaluate your body type and assess what will praise your body frame to show your best assets. Balance and proportion is key to making your body look good in anything you wear.

Washing or not washing your denim…. that is the question. Pre-washed jeans is what you will mostly find on the market these days, so let’s start there:

1. Pre-washed jeans (ie. Levis): daily wear causes grease and sweat to build up in the fabric, reducing its resistance and eventually tearing. For your denim jeans to last, washing them regularly is ok, provided you follow these simple care guidelines:

  •  Follow care label instructions
  • Turn jeans inside out to reduce fading and to keep buttons and zippers from snagging
  • Use as little soap as possible and never bleach them
  • Wash in cold water to minimise further dye loss and shrinkage
  • Air dry – machine drying will increase shrinkage and soften the fabric

2. Unwashed jeans (ie. True Religion): Left unwashed, the indigo dye in the denim fades in areas of stress. Raw denim enthusiasts will wear their denim jeans for as long as possible before the first wash. Some will go as far as using air fresheners to reduce odours!

Grease and sweat will weaken the jean fabric. It is therefore recommended to wash them regularly. If you are having trouble cleaning them, bring them to a dry cleaner who can treat them to kill bacteria without shrinkage. All the care guidelines bulleted above for pre-washed jeans apply here too 😉

Note: Shrinkage will be a concern for raw jeans up to at least the third wash and each jean brand will shrink to a different degree.