If there is a trend for women’s jeans and denim this Spring it’s PATTERNS. No matter what brand or land you are shopping for jeans in, you will have a lot of confusing choices to make! I must say that these patterns are in fact new to the fashion industry. We did see patterns in the 60’s but they were simple geometric Mondrian-ish. These patterns are high tech and come with textured detailing too. For example there are a lot of patterns on jeans these days which have a dark part of the pattern in a coated texture while the rest is Printed UV denim. I love this trend, I think it’s fun and I think it starts to turn the jeans into something more business casual and almost competes with a skirt. A floral jean for example with some heels is by far feminine enough now for a garden party. I like the patterns that have gradient washes of indigo blue to light blue or even white. Basically a revival of the acid washed colors but more modern.