PARALLAX wrote us and dropped his video in our Facebook message.  I started streaming it with my morning cappuccino. with the name Hip Hop Philosophy, I was intrigued.  Already I fell in love with his logo as an art director with pretty much all architect men in my family! A geometric orgasm of perfect symmetry and aspect ratio. Within the first 30 secs I could tell that this was a really well shot film. I grew up in film, my mother teaching, producing features and directing short film. I also studied video editing, and although was good at it, realized quickly that being in a dark room for 20 hours without sleep was probably not a great fit for someone as social as me! Parallax raps truth in a charming Brit accent about  Hip Hop’s male ego and why men have to represent themselves with guns, money and women, while emasculating other men. Why does is this gang theme idolized when the reality is children are growing up with their fathers in jail or dead and there is nothing glamorous about that.

For a white guy, Parallax already breaks the mold by speaking out about these classic stereotypes that even without watching the music vid, one can paint the stereotypes in their mind of the dude with 10 gold chains tossing up drug money in the air, and the loan shark aka “labels” frontin’ or launderin’ surrounded by objectified women and gangster cars, shiny guns and jeans that are falling off their asses!

A lover of poetry, Shakespeare and rap, I know a great rapper when I hear one. Parallax is filled with half rhymes, rhymes that skip a beat then catch up a line later and just words that sound fucking great together. He is a great writer and his message is an important one. His entire album DEPTH PERCEPTION is deep and can be found here on his BandCamp for a totally worth it $5  Brit pounds!