Alright chickens, here we go! Montréal is heading into one of our most colourful, happy and proud weeks of the year. Of course, I am talking about Fierte Montreal Pride.

It’s no secret that I have a deep appreciation for the sexy/glamorous side of our entertainment community, and there are a ton of events going on this Pride Week… but there is a very special event I am beyond excited for Saturday, August 13th



MISS FAME (NYC), a fan-favourite from RuPaul’s Drag Race season 7 is set to kick-off the next round of dates for her #PaintedByFame Tour, which will hit 4 countries! The first of which will be held right here in Montréal, and with perfect timing right before our Pride Parade!

“Transforming a male model into a beautiful female persona is what makes this class so unique. But most of the makeup tricks such as highlighting and contouring are also used by women. This is why many women attend my class.” Says Miss Fame.

This tour is open to everyone. From performing artists, makeup artists, or men and women looking to take their skill-set to a new level. Here is your chance to learn from the best of the best Montréal! What you’re in for is a 4-hr class to learn the ins and outs of makeup artistry and design.

Miss Fame will be performing a step-by-step demonstration, utilizing all the tricks such as the famous “face lift tapes”, as well as highlighting and contouring to bring out the most feminine features of the face.

These tricks and tips will be performed live for you on a demo model, and that model will be…..


VIOLET CHACHKI– Winner of Season 7! Yep, that’s right. You’ll get close and personal with 2 drag race stars at this class. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity you don’t want to miss, and BandMark is here to help!

Use code “BANDMARK” for a 20% discount on early registration during checkout.

“This is beyond makeup, it’s about discovering a part of you,” says Miss Fame. “I want my tour to encourage anyone to explore the power of makeup. We all possess a persona within us that deserves to be revealed.”

I have taken these words to heart, and in addition to attending the class to review Miss Fame and her self-empowering agenda, I will be leaving this class with the skills to birth my own drag persona for this year’s Pride Festival.  Stay tuned here to see how it all comes together!

As if this wasn’t enough, be sure to check out Miss Fame and Violet Chachki doing their thing on the main stage at Pride for the Drag Superstars Show on August, 11th. 


Registration for Painted by Fame