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Need some Xgames Energy? 

BASE has launched their latest energy drink – a sports drink for Xtreme thirst quenching and Xtreme energy for Xgamers! It’s market is Xtreme sports fans: skaters, riders, boarders and bikers and fans of the xgames. They were lucky to be able to brand the trendy can with the big Xgames X logo and develop a whole brand culture on their site


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Jonas Brothers escape swine in time 

The sexy infamous Jonas Brothers have had to push their May 17, 2009 show @ the Monterrey Arena in Mexico to July 31, 2009 “due to health precautions in the whole country as a consequence of the outbreak of the Swine (AH1N1) flu,” according to a statement on the Monterrey Arena’s online ticket outlet.

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BandMarketing – hire an expert 

It is not uncommon for people to think that using someone in their band to do the marketing is a good idea. In generally, a lot of people want to do their own marketing in various industries, but generally fail to accomplish anything decent, unless they are a natural or have studied it.


“I’ll show you crazy. Try me, bitch!” 

Beyonce is no actress, although can pull off the role because she is totally type cast for it. She plays a pretty and ambitious housewife with all the high maintenance divatude and bling you would want to see in a role with her. The plot though, is a politically correct watered down version of FATAL ATTRACTION which was in my opinion wayyy better.


Equal opportunities at BandMark! 

My business partner thinks we need to hire some new employees this Summer as we are starting to get super busy. When asked what kind of employees he prefers he said, “I don`t really care what gender, color, background etc.. as long as they can speak English and are very web savvy.“

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Does my band really need a TWITTER? 

With all this talk about Twitter, it’s hard to know who should get on the bandwagon or not. Well, there is good news and bad news. The bad news is that anyone promoting anything on the web needs a TWITTER. A band most certainly needs one, as it is a fast way for fans to stay in touch via their cell phones plus its the fastest growing micro-blogging vehicle out there, with an expected growth of 300% by 2010. So what does all this involve, not much, its actually a relatively easy application to manage. Here areBandMark’s 5 easy steps to “How to Market Your Band using TWITTER”

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BandMark Obama FB app viral! 

On April 29th, Barack Obama will have been in the White House for 100 days. Like clockwork, the DC punditry will pull out the scorecards and offer their “expert” opinions and performance evaluations.

All of us at BandMark.com & SS+Kthink that this is a tired, old DC tradition. BUT, we are also blown away by the amazing accomplishments of President Obama’s new administration.
Vote on President Obama’s First 100 Days

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Top 10 social media marketing sites for bands 

The Social Media Marketing world is a large part of the web and knowing how much time to invest on which sites can be a grueling task for musicians. Thankfully, BandMark has done the research for ya! Here are the top 10 Social Platforms to be on in 2009 for your band and how often you need to re-fresh the content for each:


BandMark is live! 

This is Lee, (I’m in the little bio section) and this is sort of the first blog test. So far so good. Lovin the WP editor, and in general I find everythng WP much smoother and user friendly than clunky JOOMLA, DRUPAL etc… this by far – has been the necest site to produce under the MRP INC empire!