BandMark caught up with Daniel Notkins, Founder of Montreal Oysterfest at a YUL EAT food sampling session. As he meticulously shucked his premium oysters we embarked on a range of topics, from farming and harvesting oysters to pairing drinks. Before you knew it the line up extended past the next kiosk. Daniel gets what’s good for nature is good for people. As he likes to put it: Save an oyster, save the world!

About Oysterville

New this year is the creation of Oysterville; a condensed oyster city featuring 20 restaurants, Amateur and Pro shucking competitions, Walter’s Caesar mixology competition and a mixed variety of oysters from around the world.

Oysterville aims to create a one-day mini-world version of our own that replicates the charming feel of small oyster towns, complete with town General Store, Oyster Bars, Bourbon Saloon, Town Bank, and even a BBQ Meat Packing district. In Oysterville they want to inspire and engage its visitors and guests with different experiences in a luxury setting complete with amazing food and beverages.

It’s 8th edition takes place this Sunday September 11th on Bonsecours Island from 12pm-10pm. The format has been tweeked to ensure that those present can indulge in a full experience, with various packages available. What will help the Oysterfest be a more enjoyable is the limited number of tickets being sold, with the addition of five VIP condos for purchase where eight can enjoy a luxurious and private Oysterfest experience, as well as an expanded VIP lounge.


Individual Ticket Prices 

$45 ticket: general admission + $18 Oysterfest $ to be used for food or drink

$75 ticket: general admission + $48 Oysterfest $ to be used for food or drink

$300 VIP TICKET: This VIP ticket includes admission for 1 person (no line up at entrance) to the VIP section with it’s own full service private bar, lounge furniture, and $198 Oysterfest Dollars to be used for food and drink in both the VIP lounge or on the main Oysterfest site. This lounge has bottle service available and dedicated servers to ensure a true VIP experience.

Tickets can be purchased online.

Group Pricing

$1000.00 OYSTERVILLE CONDO (for 8 ppl). For more info please contact the organizers here!

Oysterfest: A sustainable event that gives back 

The goal for hosting such a fun & tasty event remains true to Montreal Oysterfest causes, including donating profits to the Open Pier Conservatorya non-profit group devoted to protecting the worlds precious waterways and aquatic life for future generations. The Oysterfest is proud to have partnered with the World Wildlife Fund and MSC Global Certification and has donated to various sustainability initiatives.